Why to choose Svetlogorsk district?

Svetlogorsk district is interested in both private national and foreign investments. The inflow of foreign investments contributes to the development of the economy and the improvement of the quality of life of the population, the effective functioning of enterprises of various forms of ownership, the internationalization of the market of goods, capital and labor.

The main prerequisites for attracting investors to the Svetlogorsk district are:

  • the predominant influence of the industrial sector in the socio economic development of the district's economy

The industrial complex of the Svetlogorsk district is represented by 10 organizations.

The main types of economic activity of industrial organizations of the district are:

- production of wood and paper products (pulp, lumber);

- production of textiles, clothing (fabrics, clothing);

- production of chemical products (textile yarns, fibers);

- metallurgical production (welding electrodes, reinforced concrete products).

In addition, 2 structural divisions of RUE "PO "Belorusneft", the branch "Svetlogorsk CHP" of RUE "Gomelenergo", the branch "Svetlogorsk dairy plant" CHUP Kalinkovichi Dairy Plant", the Production "Svetlogorsk Machine-building Plant" of JSC "Gomselmash"operate on the territory of the district.

  • developed foreign economic activity of the district enterprises

Svetlogorsk district has long-term foreign economic relations with about 70 countries of the world. Twinning and partnership relations have been established with 14 cities from 8 states.

  • favorable geographical location

Svetlogorsk district is located in the north of the Gomel region and covers an area of 1.8 thousand square kilometers. It borders with Zhlobinsky, Rechitsky, Kalinkovichi, Oktyabrsky districts of the Gomel region and Mogilev region in the north of the district.

  • developed transport infrastructure

The city of Svetlogorsk is a major transport hub. The distance to the regional center of the region is Gomel is 114 km away. The nearest cities are:Rechitsa (58 km), Zhlobin (54 km), Kalinkovichi (74 km). The highways of republican significance R-31 Bobruisk - Mozyr - the border of Ukraine, R-82 Oktyabrsky - Parichi – Rechitsa and R-149 Zhlobin (from M-5/E271) - Svetlogorsk (to h/w R-82) pass through the territory of the district.

There is the Zhlobin – Kalinkovichi railway on the territory of the district. There is an intra-station connection Svetlogorsk-on-Berezina – Svetlogorsk-on-Berezina (Kord parks, GRES) for the movement of shunting trains in both directions.

  • significant potential for the development of the tourism industry

The sanatorium "Silver Keys" operates on the territory of the Svetlogorsk district on the bank of the Berezina River, providing a wide range of medical services.

Among the numerous historical and architectural monuments that are objects of cultural heritage, there are such large memorial complexes as "Ola" and "Bagration" dedicated to the Second World War on the territory of the district.

  • availability of financial and business infrastructure

The Svetlogorsk district provides favorable conditions for business development, the creation of new industries and investment in various sectors of the economy, which is also facilitated by the activities of the Entrepreneurship Support Center.

The Svetlogorsk district has a territory with a total area of 243.9 hectares, which is included in the free economic zone (after referred to as the FEZ) "Gomel-Raton". The advantage of investors-residents of the FEZ "Gomel-Raton" is the availability of special tax and customs benefits, which contributes to the early return on investment.

  • developed construction industry

Construction activities in the district are carried out by 9 organizations engaged in the production of building materials, construction of residential buildings, and installation of industrial equipment.

  • developed trading industry

Retail services for the population are provided by 1083 retail shopping facilities, including 410 stores and 197 pavilions, with a retail area of 56.3 thousand square meters.

The public catering network is represented by 54 objects with 2.8 thousand seats.

  • developed municipal and social infrastructure with a high level of development of the education and health care system.
  • rich human potential with a large number of highly qualified personnel.

The population of the Svetlogorsk district is 79.5 thousand people, the urban population is 68.8 thousand people, the rural population is 10.7 thousand people.